TRaitement d'Images pour la TOpographie

Version 2.0 March 1995
Copyright LMCP-Université P.M. Curie 1994
Laboratoire de Minéralogie-Cristallographie
associé au CNRS (UA009)
Universités Paris 6-7, case 115
4, place Jussieu Tour 16
75252 Paris Cedex 05 FRANCE

Table of contents:

I. Using Triton

II. Example of treatment using Triton
III. Installing Triton


Which use for Triton?

Triton is an interactive program devoted to numerical image processing mainly based on Fourier filtering and wavelet analysis. A great variety of frequential filters are available to perform image restoration and image analysis. For more information about image processing and Fourier filtering the reader may refer to:


The available functions are organized in several menus described in section I. These menus have been designed using the OSF-Motif Widgets. Therefore Triton requires an X-Window workstation under a UNIX system, and OSF-Motif libraries. Triton has been successfully ported on the following plateforms:

If you are successful in porting to a new plateform, or have problems installing Triton, please let us know.

Note: If you use Triton or have suggestions, problems about Triton, please send us a message with e-mail.


Matthieu Pilard

Alain Soyer